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Lubbock Fine Arts will be performing:

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

1501, Mac Davis Lane

Lubbock, Texas 79401

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Lubbock Arts Festival

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City Bank Auditorium




Lubbock Fine Arts is certified by the Dance Masters of America and has years of experience in conducting fine art classes in Lubbock. Our goal is to develop Self-Image and Self-Discipline through a good safe program in Dance and Gymnastics.


We believe in children--little ones, big ones, chubby ones, and thin ones. There is faith in their eyes, love in their touch and hope in their attitude. We thrill with them in life joys, dance with them, hold them close when there are tears. We believe in children--the fragile dream of yesterday, life, radiant reality, and the vibrant stuff of tomorrow. Yes, we believe in children wherever we go.

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