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Are you looking for a fun way to get fit? Lubbock Fine Arts has the perfect routine for you. Whether you're looking at a class for yourself, or want to get your child to learn fine arts, we have a different class for students of all ages. From performing better in school activities to becoming a professional, Lubbock Fine Arts provides a sound foundation of dance and gymnastic fundamentals that can help our students excel and reach their full potential. Call us on 806-795-0481 today to know more about our dance classes offered in Lubbock.

Dance your way to fitness

Learn gymnastics from our certified instructors at Lubbock Fine Arts. Fulfill your aspiration of being a professional gymnast by calling us today.

Lubbock Fine Arts is a year round fine art school, with certified instructors who specialize in conducting classes that are limited in size, accredited and for people of all ages. Call us today to learn all about the classes that we offer.

Learn from our

certified instructors

• Pom

• Twirling

• Baton

• Tumbling

• Gymnastics

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Looking for a fun way to exercise? We'll show you how!


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• Trampoline

• Tap

• Classical ballet

• Jazz

• Modern

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